We place cooperation and collaboration at the center of our efforts. When we designate individuals or organizations as 'partners,' we do so in the context of mutual relationship. We partner with those who provide opportunities for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Our partners honor the talents and gifts of individuals with ASDs, and offer concrete, practical supports as well.

GC3 7644In this effort, we are committed to partnering with providers who use both research and peer reviewed techniques and materials. There are many debateable treatments for autism; myriad supplements, vaccinations, and special diets are available to our community. As such, we have chosen to limit those areas of controversy on our website. (For example, we may offer basic nutritional information, but more controversial diets will not be listed.) 

Our mission is regional, and these controversies are debated across the world. We purposefully limit these topics so that we can focus our time, money, and efforts on maximizing quality regional services for the Charleston area.


We welcome you to apply for partnership with the LAC. Note that we prioritize high-quality, research-based and peer-reviewed regional resources. You can view our application by clicking the button below.

LAC Partnership Form